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These feathery creatures are fragile and easily spooked.

Using this item will throw a chicken towards where your crosshair is pointed. Similar to the mechanics of grenade throws, the player's velocity affects how the chicken will fly.

Throwing a chicken at one of your existing chickens or a teammate's chicken will cause one of them to absorb the other and grow in size. Doing the same to an enemy chicken will shrink it.

It is not possible to directly damage your own chickens with a gun or knife. This restriction does not apply to chickens belonging to other players.

When a chicken has an inflated size, its hitboxes will still be the size of a normal chicken, so if you want to kill one, aim for its feet.

"Look at that big cock!"

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on December 30th, 2014
rxg iMod
Save yourself from terrorists and buy a cock. Want a bigger cock? All you need to do is buy more cock! It's that simple! Make your teammates jealous! Scientists hate this secret! Buy cock today! :D
on July 27th, 2015
They . I can't use the backspace button so this is gonna be hilarious. These are chickens, they are som---awesome.I was eating a cookie one day and then I ran out of my 200 character limit so I;m gonn
on July 10th, 2015
rxg Lizard Ox
8/8 Filled a room with giant chickens and they couldn't find me.

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