Help / FAQ

How do I use items?
The simplest way is to type !useitem in chat and then select the item you want from the menu. For convenience, you can bind useitem to a key.
How do I earn CASH?
CASH occasionally spawns when players are killed. In TF2, you simply have to run over it to pick it up but in CS:GO you have to press the +use key (default: E) while looking at it. You can also buy CASH.
How can I earn free items?
Sometimes leadership rewards players or members with free items for attending events such as our weekly CS:GO Scrims. Participate in an eligible event to receive a reward. All members also receive a one-time Member Gift Basket.
How do I send gifts to other players?
Click on a player's name on the store and then click the "send gift" button on that person's store profile. If the player is in the same server as you, you can type !gift PLAYER as a shortcut. You can also search for players in our database.
Where do I give feedback and suggest new items?
Submit your feedback on our forums at You may also review an item on its respective listing page after purchasing it, but suggestions on how to improve items are best heard on our forums.
How do I rate and review items?
After purchasing an item, you may rate and review it on its listing page. Receiving an item as a gift or reward does not currently count towards this.
How do I get that cool rxg tag next to my name?
That is the official member tag. To become a member, register at and then apply in the Member Applications forum. For the Store to recognize you as a member, your Steam account must be linked on the forums.
How do I make a key or mouse button use a specific item?
To bind an item to a key, enter bind KEY "useitem ITEM" in console; replace KEY with the key you want to bind and ITEM with the abbreviated name of the item found on this site. For example, bind x "useitem cookie" would bind the cookie item to the x key. You can also find the short name of an item in your inventory by typing !items in chat (or items in console).
Some of my items don't show up... what's wrong?
Some of the items in the Store are only available in specific games or servers that we host. For instance, the chicken is not available in our TF2 servers. Look at an item's listing page to see where it can be used, or select a server on the main store page to narrow down the list to only items available in that server.
The item I want is out of stock... when will it be available?
Shipments typically arrive twice a week. We have had some instances of Space Pirates attacking our delivery ships in the past so we cannot make any promises about shipment dates.