Boss Monoculus

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The missing eye of the Red Demoman.

Using this item will spawn MONOCULUS where your crosshair is pointed (aim at the ground). Siding with no one, he is a terrifying boss that will shoot rockets from his giant eyeball at all players in sight.

MONOCULUS will disappear after 2 minutes or sooner if killed.

Unlike the spectral version, this one will attack your teammates and even you.


  • Max duration: 120s
  • Team cooldown: 180s
  • Enemy team cooldown: 90s (enemy team spawning one prevents your team from spawning one)
  • Health: 3000 + 150 per player above 10 (max 6300 at 32 players)

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on January 25th, 2015
rxg HexaBee
This item is pretty boss.
on August 15th, 2016
I used to get heartburn when I used the Shammy, now I don't!
on November 8th, 2017
rxg SgtSal
10 OUTA 10

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