Fire Cracker

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Ever wanted to fly? Today your dreams come true! With this flare gun equipped you will be able to fly across the map with style.

Using this item will temporarily give you access to the Fire Cracker. The item can only be used by the Pyro class.

Each flare the Fire Cracker shoots will cause a small harmless explosion blasting nearby players into the air. While equipped, you will take no fall damage so you may fly across the map without a worry!

The Fire Cracker will automatically replenish its ammo while not being fired as long as you do not run the ammo all the way down to 0. If you run out of ammo with this item, simply find a nearby supply kit so that it can start refilling ammo once again.

The weapon will be lost upon death.

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on March 16th, 2016
It is so fun.

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